06-Cause And A Rebel w/ Kyle McCormack

Direct Download On episode 6 of The Liberty Forge Podcast I’m talking with Kyle McCormack. Kyle is a Libertarian Party member in British Columbia, Canada. He has some interesting views that, I believe, LP members in the US should adopt immediately. We chat about tactics, principles, and a little history. Check out Kyle’s work at […]

05-Adventures In Home Education w/ Michael and Sue Laprise

  Direct Download In episode 5 of The Liberty Forge Podcast I’m talking with Michael and Sue Laprise. Mike and Sue have been home schooling in TX for over 25 years. They maintain their own website with a liberty minded, Christian perspective (Not to worry, we’re not preaching to you today). They also appear on […]

04 – Going Ghost w/ Jamin Biconik

  In episode 4 of The Liberty Forge Podcast I’m talking with Jamin Biconik. Jamin is a homesteader, Linux guru, and agorist. Jamin is the creator of the open source learning system Neuron. We talk about security, open source systems, scary hacker stuff, and of course, freedom. Neuron The Liberty Forge Facebook Group -Jamin is […]

03-Get To Work w/ Jonathan Alexander

In the third episode of The Liberty Forge Podcast I’m talking to 1/2 of The RadicaLogic Podcast, Jonathan Alexander. Jonathan is also a musician, and we talk about how school sucks, working liberty minded, and freedom ‘n stuff. The RadicaLogic Podcast Jonathan’s Music The Liberty Forge FB Group Support the show on Amazon  

My Liberty

Now that I’ve recorded a few and published a couple episodes of the podcast I think I’m starting to get in a rhythm here. I recently did an episode with Nick (#02). Nick talked about building community on a small, local level. I dig it, I love it, I get it. However, I’ve noticed that’s […]

02-Building Community w/ Nick Monk

  In episode 2 of The Liberty Forge Podcast I’m talking with Nick Monk. We touch on topics such as building community, raising resiliant children, and growing your own food. Nick is an awesome guy and an amazing father. I believe we can all learn alot from those who have stopped talking the talk and […]

01-Radical Logic w/ Merrick VanLandingham

  In the very first episode of The Liberty Forge I’m having a chat with a friend of mine, Merrick VanLandingham. We touch on a few points such as building a personal philosophy, individual liberty, ratcheting up war, and a little dry humor. RadicaLogic on Facebook DipsyDiver.com The Liberty Forge FB Group Support the show […]


  I want to give you guys an update. As some of you may know, I drive an 18-wheeler full time over the road. It’s not easy finding the time to work on this project when I have 14 hour work days and only get 2 days at home with my family…if I’m lucky. I […]

What are you doing?

It seems today that you can’t turn on the tv, radio, or God help us…facebook, and not see or hear something terrible that’s happened. Maybe it’s cops on a murdering spree. Maybe it’s the UN invading “muh sovereign dirt”. Maybe it’s devilish lizard people in the senate. Whatever it may be, it’s constant, loud, and […]

Welcome to The Forge.

You may be wondering to yourself, “that’s quite a catchy name, but why a forge?” Along my journey toward freedom, liberty, and independence I’ve learned a great deal. I’ve learned that you can’t purchase freedom. I’ve learned that you can’t vote for liberty. I’ve learned that independence is nothing without the individual. In the society […]