Welcome to The Forge.

You may bisla_500x500.19449030_rpv1en0ce wondering to yourself, “that’s quite a catchy name, but why a forge?” Along my journey toward freedom, liberty, and independence I’ve learned a great deal. I’ve learned that you can’t purchase freedom. I’ve learned that you can’t vote for liberty. I’ve learned that independence is nothing without the individual. In the society we find ourselves in today, if you want more freedom in your life you have to make it happen…yourself. You have to make it in such a way that requires resources, struggle, hard work, and determination. It’s almost as if you have to pull yourself out of the coals and hammer your life into something new; something better.

I’ve had the great fortune of making acquaintances with a large number of other individuals who are on a similar path. I’ve had fantastic conversations with bloggers, podcasters, activists, agorists, and all around anarchists. I’m intrigued by their stories. I’m even more inspired by their determination to dwell in liberty. These like minded allies have made me realize that there’s no good reason to go along with the status quo, be satisfied with living in despotism, have the hard earned fruits of my labor stolen from me, or submit to the authority of unjust laws. We truly are living in the age of information. Today is a time where you can access any audiobook in the world while you commute to work. It is also a time where we find any and all information and education we desire at our finger tips.  Why would we not use this to pursue a better life?

It’s my hope that this new page will provide you with the resources you need on your journey. Resources such as information, education, networking opportunities, and inspiration. I hope to better educate those who think true liberty is just out of reach. I hope to provide information to be reproduced at in fin um to help spread a message of great peace and liberty. I hope to inspire each and every one who choose to invest their time with me. Above all, It is my greatest hope that we find common places to help build each other up and FORGE OUR OWN LIBERTY.