02-Building Community w/ Nick Monk


In episode 2 of The Liberty Forge Podcast I’m talking with Nick Monk. We touch on topics such as building community, raising resiliant children, and growing your own food. Nick is an awesome guy and an amazing father. I believe we can all learn alot from those who have stopped talking the talk and started walking the walk; toward independence.

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  1. Way to go KYLE!!! just do it – if more of us would follow through on sharing our ideas, dreams and actual application of a liberty minded life we’d clog the google universe with freedom

  2. Agreed! There’s a certain divisiveness in the aether these days. It should be the mission of the liberty minded to impregnate this magical misty miasma with accomplishment, wisdom, and a certain brand of fortitude. It’s my hope that we can create a community of such folks to guide the curious, brave soul toward forging individual liberty.

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