My Liberty

Now that I’ve recorded a few and published a couple episodes of the podcast I think I’m starting to get in a rhythm here. I recently did an episode with Nick (#02). Nick talked about building community on a small, local level. I dig it, I love it, I get it. However, I’ve noticed that’s not the only place we can focus our efforts. I’ve learned so much just from reaching out and building relationships through, dare I say it….Facebook.

I know, I know. “That’s not real life.” “Get out of your mom’s basement.” “You’re wasting your time.” Haven’t we heard this generalization over and over again? And to some extent, it’s true. There is an awful lot of time wasted bickering and typing in all caps on certain platforms. However, I do believe that time spent building relationships, knowledge, and capital is never “time wasted”. That’s exactly what I’m after!

Let’s review a few things that I’ve learned just from making strangers into friends on Facebook:

  1. I have come to a better understanding of what money actually is.
  2. I now know there are numerous different forms of capital.
  3. I spend a great deal of time in the crypto-currency conversation, learning and teaching when I can.
  4. I have a network of people in the gun community that are willing and able to answer any questions I may have about the rifle I’m currently building and related topics.
  5. I have an extensive network of folks from all over the planet that can answer any technical question I may have whether I’m working on my bike or my Bronco.
  6. I have met folks that have inspired, motivated, or helped me with launching the podcast. Point in case, Jerry the intro guy.
  7. I have found an endless amount of support and material from the homeschooling community.
  8. I have become a better father through peaceful parenting.
  9. There’s never a shortage of book recommendations.
  10. I’ve found a network of folks doing business together from another podcaster’s platform and reaped the rewards, discounts, and counter-economic joy from it.

Mainly I’ve learned over the last couple years that it’s become almost effortlessly easy to communicate and do business voluntarily with an almost limitless number of people from across the world. This is Voluntary Association in the Age Of Information. This is the rock upon which I choose to build my foundation. This is My Liberty. Forge yours.

-Kyle T


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