The Media’s Fake War on Domestic Terrorism

3-6-19 / Merrick VanLandingham


Let me talk for a minute about lone wolf attackers. This seems to be the de-jure casus belli for the .Gov’s “war on domestic terrorism“. First of all, how in the actual hell is 15 firearms and 1,000 rds. of ammo a “stockpile” or a “cache” or God forbid an “arsenal” as you read about in your daily local rag’s police reports? Those are rookie numbers. Around here we just call that “a good start”. That aside, a lone wolf can only use one gun at a time. Numbers in the “arsenal” might make a good headline, but has fuck-all to do with anything. Additionally, your average battle rifle weighs about 6-9 lbs. If you were a white-nationalist retard (like the guy in the article) and you were hell bent for destruction against some politicians, would you rather carry 150 lbs. of guns or 1 rifle and 80 lbs. of ammo for said rifle? This is the reason the carbine rifle exists. A rifle without ammunition is nothing more than a very clumsy club. There are two times you can have too much ammunition on you: 1: When you’re swimming. 2: When you’re on fire. That’s it.



OK, now that we have that out of the way, is there a possibility that some Antifa or white-nationalist will execute a lone wolf attack in the US? Yeah, prolly’ so. What are your chances of being killed by one of these chuckleheads? Not very good. According to my latest copy of Dr. John Lott’s running compendium “More Guns, Less Crime” it’s about 1 in 11,500. You’re three times more likely to be killed on a bicycle, and twice as likely to be shot by the police. Stop feeding the media narrative on guns. Most reporters don’t know anything on the subject matter, and boy does that show in their articles… If I had a dollar for every time I’ve read some know-nothing douche-nozzle “journalist” talk about high caliber high capacity clipizines… Sigh.


If you are a good (and trained) concealed firearm carrier (as I know all of my gentle readers are), your chances of being killed in a mass shooting pretty much fall to zero. Due to your training you will be aware of your surroundings and most likely see an aberration in public before they act. That means you egress before the feces hits the circular rotation device. Even if you miss the cue you’ll be on your way out the door before the flock of sheep around you put down their chai latte and look up from their stupid phone with a puzzled look on their face. If all of your tactics you learned in training (and you practiced afterward) fail, unholster your sidearm and shoot the goblin until he stops doing that thing that you don’t like. When your gun runs empty (as they do) reload the damn thing and keep working until you’re clear of any bad-guy stuff.


If I’m taking the role of the attacker here for a training scenario, the only gun you should be concerned with is the one in my hand. The 20,000 rounds of ammo I have at home aren’t a threat to you.





I am the threat to you. Not the gun, not the ammo, not the “cache” of weapons I have in my car. If we accept that mindset (as you should) you will see someone (me) doing something you don’t like (like threatening you or your family) and you should remove the involved parties from the equation. End of story. IF YOU CAN NOT EXTRICATE FROM THE SITUATION YOU NEED TO BE READY TO USE VIOLENCE TO STOP THE ASSAULT. At this point you must be mentally prepared to visit bodily harm on another human being RIGHT NOW. If you are reticent about this idea, good. You should be. Shit gets real really fast and your reaction will decide who lives and who dies. You think this is hyperbolic fear mongering? OK, cool. Go pull up any number of active shooter videos on the interwebs and get back to me. Any defensive shooting scenario will usually give you about 1.5 seconds to go from your OODA loop (Observe, Organize, Decide, Act) to identifying a deadly threat, drawing your firearm, aligning your sight picture, and yanking on a trigger to stop a goblin. Go ahead and try it, I’ll wait. Yeah, that’s what I thought…


Look, I love guns more than almost anyone I know. I’ve been in and around it my entire life. They’re fun, they’re the great equalizer, and they’re a nice arrow to have in the quiver. Got it. Not a problem. That doesn’t change the fact that your greatest tool in the box is your mindset. Understand situational awareness and pay attention to your “spidey senses”. Occam’s Razor applies here. If it looks like a threat treat it as such and deal with it until it stops being a threat.



So what is the big takeaway here? That you’re about as likely to fall victim to a lone wolf attacker as you are to a bear attack, but we’re going to be prepared just the same. We covered this in detail on episode 51 of the podcast. You have fire extinguishers in your home, yet you aren’t expecting a house fire? Yeah, same mindset when it comes to personal protection. They all think “why”? You think “just in case”. It’s why you wear a seatbelt when you drive up to the local stop and rob. It’s all just insurance for that “just in case” event that very well may never happen, but we’re not in charge of that decision…


End of sermon.


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