40- Why I Am Anti-War

This week we’re tackling a pretty heavy subject. We’ve been wanting to dive into the subject of being anti-war for quite a while. With all the terrible things currently going on in Yemen, we thought it […]

39- Pragmatism

In this episode of The Liberty Forge Podcast we’re chatting with Sherry Voluntary about Communication, Pragmatism, and Personal Philosophy. Check out Sherry’s work and don’t forget to subscribe and share this episode. [Direct Download] SiteGround web […]

38- Crypto Renaissance

We’re getting back to crypto on this episode, and I’m bringing on RL “The Pittsburgh HODLr” to have a chat. In addition to his YouTube work, he’s recently written a nice little reader that, I believe, […]

37- Nutritional Anarchy

[Direct Download] On this episode we’ll be talking with Lisa DeLasho about the benefits of better eating and holistic remedies. Her and Merrick touch on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kratom, CBD, Big Pharma, and even the Food […]

36- Protecting Investments

It’s just us again in this episode. We’re staying on the topic of money and chatting about ways to protect your wealth like retirement plans, real estate, crypto, and precious metals. We’ll also touch on things […]

35- Wealth

[Direct Download] Today we continue our conversation about money. We’ll cover different ways to make money, turn it into real wealth, and throw in a few good ideas to help you hang on to that wealth. […]

34- Money

[Direct Download] We’re starting the first episode in a mini-series about money in this episode. As we’ve learned in the past, the first place to start is with a correct definition. I hope you guys enjoy […]

33- Shock & Awe

[Direct Download] It’s just Kyle and Merrick this time. We’re going off the cuff and, quite frankly, just speaking our minds. I hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. Check out the links […]

32- A Talk w/Mance Rayder

[Direct Download] This time around we’re chatting with Mance Rayder from The Free Man Beyond The Wall Podcast. We’ll touch on things like changing culture, the Libertarian Party, and Cody Wilson. Check out Mance’s work in […]

31- State Approved History w/ David Butler

[Direct Download] In the 31st episode of The Liberty Forge Podcast we’re having a chat with David Butler. David is a Free Stater and has his own show called Destination Unknown. We’re covering all things revolving […]