68- Fear, Violence, & Defense

In this episode we’re going to continue our conversation about being prepared for disaster. This time, however, we’re not so much concerned with looking at the current situation of panic buying and social distancing. We’re looking […]

67- Panic vs Prep

In the midst of the COVID19 panic. We thought it would be a good time to chime in on what we’re seeing. Unfortunately what we’re seeing looks like state induced hysteria and an opportunity for more […]

66- What is Justice?

In this episode Kyle and Merrick are diving deep into a question that’s as old as written history. As far back as thinking man began to write his thoughts on parchment, we’ve been wondering about the […]

65- Iran & Foreign Policy w/ Will Porter

In this episode Merrick is talking with Will Porter about US foreign policy. Will is a very bright and busy journalist and anti war advocate. You can find his work at The Libertarian Institute, Antiwar.com, and […]

64- Chillderburg

We’re having Car from FAGcast on this episode to talk about a new liberty meet-up event/fest/thing that’s held in TX. Kyle and Car chat about meet-ups, traveling, and of course, beer. Check out Chillderburg and FAGcast […]

63- Healing with Cannabis

Merrick was recently interviewed on a great show called Cannabis Heals Me with Rachel Kennerly. We’re reproducing that interview in this episode. This is a great episode with tons of great insight. Share this one with […]

62- Fests and Firearms

It’s another freestyle episode with Kyle, Merrick, and Jeremy. We’ll be chatting about freedom fests, firearms, and the usual stuff. We really hope you enjoy this one and share it with your friends. Check out all […]

61- Weak Men

We have all three of the guys here for this episode. We’re focusing on weak men today, and trying to find out what makes beta males and political zealots tick. We’ll touch on state programing, collectivism, […]

60- Hello Heisenburgler

We’re happy to welcome Jeremy Henngeler back to the show for episode 60. Jeremy is a serial podcaster with a lot to say, and he’ll be somewhat of a permanent fixture here on the show going […]

59- The Symbol Minded

In this episode Kyle and Merrick are covering symbolism. What does the use of symbols accomplish? How is symbolism wielded by statist zealots? How is it used peacefully? We try to answer these questions and discuss […]