61- Weak Men

We have all three of the guys here for this episode. We’re focusing on weak men today, and trying to find out what makes beta males and political zealots tick. We’ll touch on state programing, collectivism, […]

60- Hello Heisenburgler

We’re happy to welcome Jeremy Henngeler back to the show for episode 60. Jeremy is a serial podcaster with a lot to say, and he’ll be somewhat of a permanent fixture here on the show going […]

59- The Symbol Minded

In this episode Kyle and Merrick are covering symbolism. What does the use of symbols accomplish? How is symbolism wielded by statist zealots? How is it used peacefully? We try to answer these questions and discuss […]

58- MPLFest w/ Lou Sander

It’s that time of year again, folks. The Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest is steadily approaching, and we have Lou coming back on the show to talk about it. Don’t miss it (like I do on […]

57- Specialization is for Insects

In this episode Kyle and Merrick are visiting a quote from a Robert Heinlein book. We’ll be breaking down the philosophy of the Jack of All Trades, as laid out by one Mr. Lazarus Long. This […]

56- Mental Strength w/ Dr. Jim Meyers

This week Merrick is sitting down with a good friend of his, Dr. Jim Meyers. We’ll be discussing mental health, perspective, and overcoming negative thinking. With all that the free thinking person can see wrong with […]

55- The Free Individual

In this episode Kyle and Merrick are talking about many different aspects and motivations of a person who truly lives their life as a free individual. From learning to earning and running one’s self into the […]

54- Thoughts on Entrepreneurship w/ Nathan Fraser

In this episode Kyle’s talking with Nathan Fraser about entrepreneurship. Nathan is a liberty minded entrepreneur, copywriter, and podcaster. From economic principles to failed and successful business attempts, this episode is one that you’ll want to […]

Central Planning is Socialism

3-14-19 / Kyle Turnblazer   The term Socialism is being thrown around quite a bit these days. I want to quickly break down what socialism actually is and how you can recognize it. Let’s start with […]

53- Jury Nullification w/ Bob Smilie

In episode 53 of The Liberty Forge podcast we finally get to sit down and talk about Jury Nullification. We’ve been wanting to do this one for a while, and we have one of the most […]