The Media’s Fake War on Domestic Terrorism

3-6-19 / Merrick VanLandingham   Let me talk for a minute about lone wolf attackers. This seems to be the de-jure casus belli for the .Gov’s “war on domestic terrorism“. First of all, how in the […]

52- US Imperialism w/ Scott Horton

In Episode 52 of The Liberty Forge Podcast we’re bringing Scott Horton on to talk with Merrick about US Imperialism. Scott is an absolute (don’t tell him I said this) expert in his field, and the […]

Consent vs. Coercion

2-26-19 / Kyle Turnblazer Consent is defined as “permission for something to happen or agreement to do something”. Coercion is defined as “the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats”. These […]

51- Plan Prep Practice

In episode 51 of The Liberty Forge Podcast it’s just us again. This time we’re talking about taking your security into your own hands. I was inspired to do this episode after writing a blog post […]

Individual Secession And Personal Autonomy

2-20-19 / Kyle Turnblazer When considering the aspects of individual liberty we have to focus on the individual person who owns said liberty. We can look at the idea of secession as a means for both […]

50- What Is BitBacker

In this episode of The Liberty Forge Podcast we’re bringing on Jonathan Hales of Bit Backer. Jonathan is the creator of the platform, and I’m really excited to have him on the show. We’re loving the […]

49- Keeping Your Content Safe

On episode 49 of The Liberty Forge Podcast we’re bringing Darrell Becker back on. We last spoke to Darrell back in episode 29 about critical thinking. This time around we’re talking about a new startup he’s […]

48- Making Crypto Work

This time around we’re talking with Kurt Wuckert Jr. from Crypto Traders Pro. I wanted to bring Kurt on to help me better understand what’s happening with Bitcoin Cash; now that some of the hype has […]

47- Agorism

In this episode of The Liberty Forge Podcast we’re welcoming Sal the Agorist to the show to help us get a better grasp on Agorism. We hear a lot about Agorism in freedom-speak these days. Sometimes […]

46- SONS of Freedom

Patrick Smith is back again, and we’re talking about the latest trends in Safety Fashion, Self Ownership, Activism, and Guillotines……yes, Guillotines. If you’re not already, you should be following Patrick’s work at Disenthrall, links below. [Direct […]