45- The Truth About Syria

In this episode of The Liberty Forge Podcast Merrick is going solo to bring us the truth about the Syrian conflict and the people of Syria. We’re excited to be able to bring on Janice Kortkamp […]

Agorism 101- The Agorist, The Hero

1-5-19 / Kyle Turnblazer Agorism is a libertarian social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics, thus engaging with aspects of peaceful revolution. Think […]

What is CBD?

12-28-18 / Kyle Turnblazer CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of many compounds found within cannabis and hemp plants. The molecules that these compounds belong to are called cannabinoids, and these can have certain effects on the […]

44- Culture in 2018

2018 has been great. There’s been ups and downs, sure. Overall, I’ve had so much fun and gotten so much out of this show and getting to know a lot of you. Thank you all for […]

43- Loners

It’s just Kyle and Merrick again. We ran across an interesting article lately and thought we’d expand on the topic of Loners. We’ll touch on the ideas of polylogism, autodidaction, ADHD, and a theory one smart […]

42- Muh Borders

In this episode we’re finally touching on the subject of borders. We’ll be looking at what purpose they serve, who controls them, how they can arise out of spontaneous order, and much more. The argument surrounding […]

41- Homeschool FTW

In this episode we’re taking a look at Homeschooling again. There’s been a steady growth in total numbers, so we thought we’d break that down for you guys. Also we’ll touch on the state’s obsolete model, […]

40- Why I Am Anti-War

This week we’re tackling a pretty heavy subject. We’ve been wanting to dive into the subject of being anti-war for quite a while. With all the terrible things currently going on in Yemen, we thought it […]

39- Pragmatism

In this episode of The Liberty Forge Podcast we’re chatting with Sherry Voluntary about Communication, Pragmatism, and Personal Philosophy. Check out Sherry’s work and don’t forget to subscribe and share this episode. [Direct Download] SiteGround web […]

38- Crypto Renaissance

We’re getting back to crypto on this episode, and I’m bringing on RL “The Pittsburgh HODLr” to have a chat. In addition to his YouTube work, he’s recently written a nice little reader that, I believe, […]